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Fifty leaders in world medicine, including three winners of the Nobel prize, urged all combatants in Syria to spare hospitals, doctors and nurses, warning that the country's medical infrastructure was being deliberately targeted and was now on the brink of collapse..."Systematic assaults on medical professionals, facilities and patients are breaking Syria's health-care system and making it nearly...
MSF criticises inconsistent European policies claiming to protect civilians by engaging in a war while closing its borders to them Paris – An open letter by MSF addressed to the leaders of the states of the European Union involved in the war in Libya is being published today in 11 newspapers across Europe*. In the letter, the organisation criticises contradictory European...
This letter was sent to Heads of State or Governments of Member States of the European Union, to Presidents of European Institutions, and to the offices of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, and the International Organisation for Migration. It was subsequently published in national newspapers in countries throughout the European Union....
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